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If I were to critique anything about this piece I would say that the drawing, shading, and concept dosen't need any improvement- I thin...

by Skaizek

This piece was done crayons, which is usually a difficult medium to work with. However, *Caraparbor managed to use this to an advantage...

This has a very sleek and minimal design, and it complements the colouring you've chosen. I like the thin and precise linework you've u...


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Currently attending university, studying the field of Geomatics, and flipping between full course work and work term placements. I honestly like what I do. I don't ever plan on becoming a professional artist, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't aim to improve.

Anything previously donated or commissioned from me has been put aside to be donated to other artists I've met on the internet.

Click here to learn how to download Photoshop CS6 for free.


Commissions closed stamp by squeekaboo

I no longer take commissions, however, if you would like to view my website you can do so here:

Artists I've Donated To

Casey LaLonde - $100.00 CAD
"You honestly just made my day. Thank you so much, I’m not sure how to say thank you HARD enough to emphasize how this is making me feel. I hope I can keep giving you good work in the future, thank you so much, again."

ilkae - $100.00 CAD
"i'm floored by your generosity! that's a big help to me right now. thank you!! Enjoy the tracks and thanks for enjoying my music!"

solitaryVagrant - $100.00 CAD
"honestly from the bottom of my heart thank you s so much oh my goodnes s that would be so helpful you are ssoo kind aa.."

Childhood by foreverastone Always tired... by prosaix 4chan -r9k- Stamp by kyphoscoliosis IDM - Intelligent Dance Music by orian-stamps
Cartography Stamp by extraordi-mary The Melancholy of Nostalgia Lane by endler I love Carnotaurus by WishmasterAlchemist
Hello Deviant Art watchers.

During mid- to late-September I will be leaving this Deviant Art account.
This motion has been on my mind for the past few years. My fascination with dinosaurs, dragons, and mythical monsters and creatures has been very obviously prevalent in my digital artwork uploaded to this website. I will always fondly remember these times, and the skills and evolution of my work and talents. However, my interests have since moved on, and I am going to pursue different subjects and mediums. While it is possible to simply start uploading my new work onto this TheJiggyMonster account, I don't think this will be appropriate. The watchers that have accumulated on this account have done so in the expectation that more fantasy and dinosaur-related art will be uploaded, and I do not wish to change that.

This account will not be closed, and none of the art here will be put into storage. All comments, deviations, journals, and critiques will be left public as an archive and reference for future members that may stumble across this account.

I will still finish the commissions that I have taken and will try and finish those in a timely manner. Here is the list of people that I still owe artwork too:
:bulletgreen: Panoptos - one animated headshot icon.
:bulletgreen: solitaryVagrant - one animated headshot icon.
:bulletgreen: mutei - one sketchy animation.
:bulletgreen: coywolfe - one sketchy animation.
(please message me if you have any changes, or if you are not included on this list, but should be.)

If you have commissioned me in the past, and wish to have another download of your fullsize file, please note me your commission information and I will re-upload it for you. However, if you still have the original link I provided for the download, it should still be active. This will be true for all commissions that took place after March 2014.

If you would like to contact me, I still have my email set up at Feel free to send me a message at this address if you read this journal after my leave.

My time here on Deviant Art has been up and down. When the site was younger I remember enjoying the community and the new features that were constantly being added like DAmuro and those Llamas badges. Even though not all the key issues of the site were being addressed, it was still a welcoming and growing environment. In my personal opinion, Deviant Art is no longer a site that I want to support with traffic and my uploads. This is not solely because of the new implementation of Core Members (re-branded Premium Members), but a combination of many things that I actually mentioned earlier in this journal: Things to Come. This, and my personal lack of a need to post on social networking sites like Deviant Art are part of the contributing factors that are pushing me off this site and other sites altogether.

I cannot express my gratitude towards the members of Deviant Art that continued to support me through the years, and the fan art and collaborations I've received and participated in. The tutorials and stock I found on here, the niche fan art that I've delightfully stumbled across, and the inspiration from the members that I watch that regularly uploaded and reminded me that one day I could perhaps draw and paint as well as they could. So, for everyone here, I want to say thank you.

History of My Digital Art Journey

I would like to give a brief re-cap of my time on this site, and my life as a digital artist on the internet. Please continue reading if you are interested.

I first joined Deviant Art on another account (now since deactivated) during early 2010, but had been browsing the site for many years before that. I decided to create the TheJiggyMonster alias, and made this Deviant Art account on Jun 17, 2011.

The first image that I uploaded to my gallery was:
 Brown Drake - 1 by TheJiggyMonster
However, my first ever digital drawing created was:
First Tablet Drake by TheJiggyMonster

As my popularity on this site began to grow, I decided to make YouTube backgrounds that were free to download and use. YouTube has since changed their site and you can no longer upload channel backgrounds, unfortunately, but at the time they were very popular, and the template I made for the Cosmic Panda layout was fairly popular too: Cosmic Panda YouTube Layout - Template. After the YouTube layout change, I made icons, website assets, and other templates with my expanding Photoshop skills. These were mostly for my own personal projects, but I did have a few people asking me for commissions.

And with the interest in commissions, I started opening up digital art commissions, too. I never took the time to count exactly how much money I have earned through commissions, but through Deviant Art alone I have generated over $600.00 CDN. $300.00 of that has been donated to various artists, and the $300.00 that remains is actually still sitting in my PayPal ready to be donated whenever I find the time to search for an artist in need.

Around late 2013, my interests took a turn for the different and I started becoming more engrossed in other topics and settings than my usual dragons and dinosaurs. I tried out animating, backgrounds and scenery, and other subjects (most of which I never ended up uploading). Slowly, it became the majority of my art and reptiles became second seat to my primary interests. Of course, I'll never lose my love for dinosaurs and fantasy.

And now, as I type this, I aim to cover bigger and better things. Every artist with a yearning for improvement will likely find themselves in the same shoes I am in, and they too will have to take the dive into previously unknown waters. I wish all of you luck and best of wishes when you reach this stage, and hope that I can follow in your footsteps.

The History of The Jiggy Monster

I would also like to make a small entry on the creation and the evolution of this accounts' mascot, Jiggy, the Jiggy Monster. Please continue reading if you are interested.

On September 4, 2008, the video game called "Spore" was released on PC, and I picked it up near the release date and began playing it and creating creatures and civilizations. Once I learned that you could create an online Spore account, I allowed my younger brother to name the account, being a nice older sibling. He named it "jiggy475". If you search the online Sporepedia, I'm sure that you could find some of the creations him and I created on that shared account.

Soon after the account creation, I noticed that you could upload a small icon that would display next to your username. I diligently opened up Microsoft Paint and created a square icon of a Spore-looking monster and set it as the jiggy475 account picture. I used green as it was my favourite colour, and purple as it was a complimentary colour. The original picture I created can be seen below (saved as a good old JPEG, too!):

Jiggy Monster (Original) by TheJiggyMonster

After showing the account to one of my friends, he exclaimed "Oh look! It's the jiggy monster!" I laughed and agreed, it certainly looked like a jiggly monster. I then decided to try and design the rest of this jiggy monster, trying out a few different designs. Here's a slug-looking design I almost decided to use (though, I'm glad I didn't!):

Jiggy Monster (Worm Form) by TheJiggyMonster

After playing around with some ideas, but never feeling quite satisfied, I decided to re-design the jiggy monster from the ground up. I gave it a more dinosaur-like design, and included a white belly with purple spots to allude to the original purple background. This is the first drawing of the main re-design of the jiggy monster:

New Jiggy Monster by TheJiggyMonster

From this base drawing, the design slowly morphed over time between every piece I drew of it. Here is a small timeline of early jiggy monster drawings (notice the white marking on the eye appear, haha):

Jiggy Perspective by TheJiggyMonster Stylised Jiggy Monster by TheJiggyMonster  Jiggy Lineart by TheJiggyMonster Jiggy Stand by TheJiggyMonster Jiggy Head Small by TheJiggyMonster Jiggy Album Head by TheJiggyMonster Jig Hurrrrrrrrrr by TheJiggyMonster 

I also had a phase where I was interested in selling jiggy monsters as adoptable designs for cash, and had designed many different coloured and detailed jiggies, but I eventually decided against it. I wanted Jiggy to be a unique character to this account, and selling Jiggy monsters as adoptables felt like it was diminishing the uniqueness of the original Jiggy. Here are some Jiggy designs that I created:

Jigs by TheJiggyMonster

The Jiggy Monster's backstory changed from year to year, too. Here are all the reference sheets that I created for this character (oldest to newest):

Jiggy Reference Sheet by TheJiggyMonster Jiggy - Reference Sheet 2013 by TheJiggyMonster Jiggy - Reference Sheet by TheJiggyMonster

If you would like to see the full gallery of all the Jiggy art I have on this account, take a look at the collection I have.…

It's ordered from newest to oldest, so you can see the evolution if you are interested.

Jiggy has been a dear character and has been very close to my heart during these seven years I've had her. I will never forget her, of course, but as my interests change, so too do the subjects and characters that I carry with me. This is the same for those imaginary friends I had as a child, and the stories and characters I created in grade school. I have no regrets or negative feelings towards Jiggy or any of the other artists or characters on this website. I will always remember the memes, encouragement, fan-art, and general open-ness of this art website and the deviants that are a part of it.

Here are my final statistics taken on August 4th, 2015.

  • TheJiggyMonster has 47,717 pageviews in total; their 26 journals and the 364 deviations in their gallery were viewed 221,134 times.
  • TheJiggyMonster watches 453 deviants, while 1,052 deviants watch TheJiggyMonster.
  • Overall, their deviations received 4,254 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 15,194 times, while TheJiggyMonster made 4,984 comments, about 3.3 comments per day since joining DeviantArt.
  • This means that TheJiggyMonster gave 12 comments for every 10 received.
  • The deviation with the most comments is Dragon Adoptables - CLOSED with 68 comments, while the most favourited one is Transparent Sketch Tutorial - Photoshop CS6, with 892 favourites.
  • The most viewed deviation is Smooth Lines Tutorial - Photoshop CS5 with 19,322 views.
  • 36 favourites were given for every 10 comments.
  • Every 4.1 days TheJiggyMonster uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Sunday, when 68 (19%) of deviations were submitted.
  • The busiest month was September 2013 when 22 (6%) deviations were submitted.
  • The majority of deviations are submitted to the digitalart gallery (230), while the favourite category was paintings > fantasy with 187 deviations.
  • Comments per deviation: 11
  • Favourites per deviation: 41
  • Views per deviation: 607
  • Comments per day: 2.81
  • Favourites per day: 10
  • Deviation views per day: 146
  • Pageviews per day: 31

I leave you this corny, but appropriate song. I wish all of you a wonderful evening, and best of luck through your artistic journeys. 

Until we speak again,

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 wish you all the best, Jiggy! :thumbsup:
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