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Maaw Adoptable Sheet - CLOSED by TheJiggyMonster
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Weekly Feature

Every week or so I'll feature an artist I've met here on DA showcasing my favourite of their works. Be sure to check them out, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

This week: MyFant13
This guy is a 4chan legend, and most likely has some sort of disorder, but this artwork is surreal. You may want to take a look even if it's just for the bizarre factor.

Stmp3 (2) by MyFant13Ovhd222 by MyFant13Tnt49049 by MyFant13

Journal History


Hello, my watchers.

It's recently come to my attention that some very destructive and hurtful behaviour has started to spread across deviantART, tumblr, and other image sharing sites. In fact, I have seen this also on other sites like Facebook and Reddit. But the most intrusive offenders usually flock from Twitter.

As we all know, inappropriate behaviour on the internet can cause SERIOUS implications for people on the receiving end of these offences. Often, people will feel stressed or uncomfortable when faced with offensive content like this. In the worst cases, some people may be emotionally triggered or deterred from visiting their most frequented websites. It’s hard to quantify the emotional costs that accompany daily harassment both for them and those bystanders who support this cause.

Every time someone posts anything online, there is a chance of this topic raising its' ugly head.

What is this problem, you may wonder?

Some people have incorrectly come to the conclusion that "birds are important". THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Many people disagree on how important birds are. Some say that they are very important, while others disagree, and hold that birds are not that important. Due to this being an important subject, this topic should be carefully considered until a truthful conclusion is reached.

If birds suddenly disappeared from the earth, there would be problems, but life would go on. There are many much more important things than birds. Generally, other animals have better traits in all physical stats and are generally smarter than birds. People are more important. Words are definitely more important. Food to eat, a place to live, and clothes to keep warm are much more important. Having good relationships with people and earning what you want in life are more important as well. Love is more important. In the scheme of life, birds are not that important.  This is because everything that exists is important in some way, and many things are vastly more important than birds.


The statement that "birds are important" is simply incorrect and shows that the person who has uttered this has not learned enough about birds and their unimportance.

The notion that a type of bird is more important than anything else, or important at all, is simply the product of ignorance. When someone says birds are not important, you have to remember that not everyone has received the same bird education, and some people don't even understand the lack of importance birds have. Birds have no motives. No emotions. No life goals. Birds are a negative impact on every life they effect.


The movement to increase the awareness about the fact that birds are not important is rapidly growing. We have banded together under the banner of:


(Birds Are Not That Important)

Birds Are Not That Important by TheJiggyMonster

The most important goal of B.A.N.T.I is to raise awareness of the unimportance of birds, and to help people avoid contact with birds and their unimportance.

I am heavily warning you that you should avoid contact with ALL birds at any cost. All birds are equally not that important, and you should not interact, view, or listen to any type of bird. This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Toucans
  • Kiwis
  • Parrots
  • Goose
  • Birds with human arms
  • B.O.S.S (Birds Of Significant Stature)


The number one thing to remember during or directly after viewing a bird is DO NOT PANIC.

Should you accidentally view an unimportant bird picture, calmly remind yourself that "birds are not that important". If this is not enough, you may simply scroll UP or DOWN off the webpage, close your laptop, or manually power off your computer using the power button located on your machine. The number of bird sightings on social media sites and on the internet in general are drastically increasing, and it is important that you remember these steps should an emergency occur.

At all costs, you must AVOID places that talk or promote the importance of birds, like these sites:… (do not click)


It is important to spread the word about the unimportance of birds to anyone you care about to help keep them safe. Please keep any one of these images on file in the event that you should ever spot a bird, and be prepared to post it to warn any other passerby's about birds.

You do not need to credit anyone for these images, and re-uploading them to other sites is encouraged.

Birds Are Not That Important by TheJiggyMonster Birds Are Not That Important by TheJiggyMonster Birds Are Not That Important by TheJiggyMonster

To further support B.A.N.T.I, you may simply mention that you think "birds are not that important" or type BANTI (B.A.N.T.I) in your comments. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste this message below in your forum signatures to show your support of B.A.N.T.I.

Any and all support is greatly appreciated, and is contributing to a very important cause.



There have been heated debates over the (un)importance of birds on many social networking websites. Here are a few supporters of the B.A.N.T.I movement.
"I don't know, I'm just a "birds aren't that important" type of guy. Always have been, always will be." - A Wikia Contributor
"...their importance is not much. So overall, birds are not that important." - Anonymous
"haha no silly birds are not important! even I know that!" - kiwi internet defence force


Should you need more information, please watch this educational PSA to learn about the unimportance of birds. This is a critical step towards educating yourself about the hazards of a lifestlye that includes birds, or the notion that birds are important.

Thank you for your time and for reading this very important announcement. I hope you have now been enlightened by the hazards of thinking birds are important.

Remember: Birds are not that important.


Jiggy | Hobbyist | Digital Artist

I'm Jiggy.

Currently attending university, studying the field of Geomatics, and working half of the time at a geographic software company. I honestly like what I do. I don't ever plan on becoming a professional artist, I feel it's sort of too risky for my tastes, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't aim to improve.

I keep telling myself that in order to learn to love yourself you have to truly and utterly hate yourself but in all honesty I don't give a flying fuck about loving myself and I think I've skimped out on that half of the bargain.

• I like to use proper grammar, to be honest.
• I don't hide comments, yours or mine. Transparency is important to me.
• If you don't want me to call you friend please let me know.

Anything donated or commissioned from me will be put aside to be donated to other artists I've met on the internet.

If you'd like to know more about me personally, check out my journal.

My Donations

Artists I've donated to

Casey LaLonde - $100.00 CAD

"You honestly just made my day. Thank you so much, I’m not sure how to say thank you HARD enough to emphasize how this is making me feel. I hope I can keep giving you good work in the future, thank you so much, again."

ilkae - $100.00 CAD

"i'm floored by your generosity! that's a big help to me right now. thank you!! Enjoy the tracks and thanks for enjoying my music!"

solitaryVagrant - $100.00 CAD

"honestly from the bottom of my heart thank you s so much oh my goodnes s that would be so helpful you are ssoo kind aa.."


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